How A Highschooler Started A Water Damage Company

It was my Senior year in high school and I was sitting in class thinking about what to do. If you remember your senior year in high school you will remember that you had to know what you were going to do in life. You had to have a plan before you left. The year was spent planning for what college or job you would get, creating your resume and preparing for those never ending job interviews. When you are in high school you don’t really care about job interviews or how you will get your first job. Somehow it just happens, maybe because everyone knows you just got out of school and maybe they are having pity on you.

Instead of going straight to college I had the idea of starting a company. Why not start a business that helps promote other businesses. A friend of mine was starting a water damage company in Seattle and wanted me to help them get their name out there. It took a lot of planning, but by the time we were out of school we had our plan. Everything was set and we were ready to take over the market.

You know when you first get out of school you are ready to take on the world. You think you can take on the world! While you were in school you never really got to know what the ‘real’ world was like. So our first shot a starting a business failed and failed miserably! When you fail you learn and you start over. When you start over you do things differently that will help you succeed in the future. Those things that caused you to fail are now unable to make you fail again, because you learned from your mistakes. Hopefully you learned from your mistakes.

The second time around we were ready to make this work. We needed an office, an office manager, business cards, a website, a truck and equipment and knowledge on how to run a water damage company. There are parts of the business you never think about until they are needed such as how to bill a customers insurance company. It’s also important to use every form of advertisement to your advantage such as Google and Youtube. Having every form of advertising is important and to also create a following on sites like facebook, twitter and Google plus.

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