A Spokane Homeschoolers Successful Landscaping Company

As much as homeschooling is difficult, starting your own business is so much more. Being homeschooled has many benefits as well as some draw backs. Without being surrounded by kids of the same age, its difficult to get your child to interact with others.

Homeschooling creates a problem with social skills of a growing child and if you do not get your child to interact with their surroundings it will be harder for them to not only get a job but to fill involved.

One way to push ourselves is to get out and do what we are not comfortable with. For me that was starting a business and a business that requires social interactions. Its easier to get a desk job or a data entry job than it is to get a job where you have to deal with people, so that is why I decided to start a business.

Landscaping as a business is difficult in two ways. One, you have to work hard and doing any type of landscaping job is difficult especially when its hot outside. And two, you have to be self motivated and be able to communicate not only with your clients but also your employees. You have to stay on top of things in order to be successful. When there are issues or if you have clients who are not happy, you have to learn how to deal with those situations. Being more socially involved takes time and takes a lot of effort.

Coming from a homeschooling background I knew I wanted to get out and interact with people. Starting Spokane Landscaping has been a journey in itself.

I have loved working out doors and feeling accomplished every single day. Being able to start a project and seeing the end result is an amazing feeling. When you see something that looks horrible and you are able to make it look amazing, it give you a sense of accomplishment. You can tell yourself that you were able to do something amazing that others will be able to enjoy and to see every single day.

Landscaping itself is a very difficult job in the summer. Our season runs from the beginning of Spring to the first day it snows. Its hard to work every summer and during the whole summer. While other people are taking vacations, we are hard at work creating beautiful lawn or installing sprinkler systems.

Our payoff comes in the fall or winter months. We have very little work during the winter so we can take our vacation during that time. When everyone is stuck at home in the snow we can be in some tropical paradise enjoying ourselves.

Spokane Landscaping currently employs 12 individuals including one full time office staff. The company has grown every year since 1997, from a two person operation, to what it is today. You can find more out about Spokane Landscaping at their website here.

Contact Spokane Landscaping for more information or if you are looking for their lawn services.

Spokane Landscaping
2504 W Smythe Rd
Spokane, WA 99224
(509) 977-4841

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