6.5.08. violin vs. viola: the basics

*Please subscribe to see more videos like this* My good friend Alex was in town this week from New York City, and I thought it would be fun if we made a quick video that covered the basic differences between the viola and the violin. Although the violin is a beautiful instrument, you just can’t the kind of robust tone from a violin that you would from a viola. I hope to get a viola for myself one day! Also, I’ll have an video update on my album recording next week. Stay tuned. :)
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25 Responses to 6.5.08. violin vs. viola: the basics

  1. thepurple183 says:

    “Maaaah instrument is bigger than yourrrss!”

  2. thepurple183 says:

    @PhilipK100 No there are no frets, but that’s what tuners and your ears are for :D
    And your arm won’t be sore because you only hold it up with the weight of your head and the shoulder rest keeps it from moving :D You don’t need to be smart, you just need to know where your notes are!

  3. morpheus9494 says:

    i want to play the viola D: i first wanted to play viola but we alrdy had a violin so i went with that :P

  4. Prettyflyboyanims says:

    @MrZoaboy2 seriously, me too! im 12. how experienced are you

  5. TheHellPlague says:

    I was planning on trying a violin lesson .. now I want to try viola instead. O.o

  6. signingupiseasyd says:

    Interesting video. I would like to hear more of each of you trying the other’s instrument.

  7. manivong100 says:

    I was wondering what the difference was between the Viola and the Violin because i play the Violin and in class all i saw were drawing of a viola so thanks for making the video!1

  8. manivong100 says:

    I was wondering what the difference was between the Viola and the Violin because i play the Violin and in class all i saw were drawing of a viola so thanks for making the vid!!

  9. jvmc08 says:

    fuck you’re violin, viola and you’re cello I’ll fuck you all up with my bass

  10. cynicsfaith says:

    viola’s represent!!!

  11. MrZoaboy2 says:

    i play viola and im 12

  12. BlackScorpio999 says:

    i like the sound of the viola better

  13. Andy6191 says:

    Cartman: I bought a violin ay $5 in Walmart xD!!!(I play Viola and now a friends of my dad has an abandoned violin and Im gonna get itBTW Viola Is Kweler)

  14. megabobolink says:

    @Nixlplix i would rather play the viola to and i am going to

  15. iamkith says:

    i love my viola, my bestfriend as well, =)

  16. TheHottiegeek says:

    i <3 the viola
    ive played it for years and years now

  17. ericdrago1 says:

    I play the viola, well kinda, I’m learning it in school and tell your friend I’m Armenian too

  18. Hikikomori013 says:

    It’s easy: The violin has a higher and more piercing tone that carries well over an orchestra so it plays the lead role in performances. The viola has a richer tone that is more satisfying for solo playing. The violin is a performer’s instrument and the viola is a musician’s instrument. That’s why so many great composers wrote for the violin and played the viola. each has its own strengths.
    I’m 50 and I just bought my first bowed instrument. A 16″ viola.
    No, 15 is not too old to start. ;<)

  19. blackbudge says:

    the highest note isn’t E and A? o.o
    It is only if its open string =/

  20. thelipster111 says:

    I love the violas pitch. I know why because i watch violamad’s channel

  21. crazyXninjaXfishy says:

    @brainblast4207 heck yeah!!! xD

  22. Tekochi says:

    I remember after this one class I went to, we were playing perpetual exercises for an hour straight.
    I was in extreme pain for days.

  23. pauldateh says:

    @Nixlplix i honestly like the range of the viola better, too. that’s why i have a 5-string violin! that way, i get the best of both worlds. :)

  24. Nixlplix says:

    I went with viola, even though I always wanted a violin. I like the range of the viola better

  25. saintsaens21 says:

    Its surprising how much like a cello the viola sounds.

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